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The 20 Minute Fitness Solution is an exercise program oriented around bodyweight exercises that aims to remove the excuses so many people make for not working out.

No time? Our program only takes 20 minutes.

Gym membership too expensive? Our program is FREE.

No equipment? Our program requires little or no equipment.

Too lazy? Sorry. You'll have to solve this issue on your own.

What Will I Need?
The 20 Minute Fitness Solution is designed to be a low-cost, no-frills training system that you can do practically anywhere. About the only necessary equipment is a pull-up bar, and even this apparatus can be substituted for with a broom handle between chairs, a swingset, or a tree branch. Additional equipment can make training fun, but it is not necessary to have it in order to be successful in burning fat, adding muscle, and building strength and cardiovascular fitness.

How Does The Program Work?
The 20 Minute Fitness Solution doesn't work, unless you are willing to work hard at it. The routines are not for the faint of heart, but modifications will be offered whenever appropriate to adjust the intensity and difficulty of each day's session according to the individual's abilities. New workouts will be posted Monday thru Friday. Sunday is a rest day, critical for muscle recovery and development. Each week's training sessions will focus on general conditioning by challenging the trainee to complete a progressively increasing volume of work within a 20 minute window. Specific sessions will emphasize various aspects of strength and fitness (e.g. pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, running, etc.).

When Do We Start?
Workouts will begin being posted on Monday, July 10, 2006. We hope you will bookmark the site and check-in regularly.


Anonymous said...

OK>...I had already made up my mind that when we get back from this long trip....time to get busy to get healthier......

JME said...

Glad to have you with us. We'll look forward to seeing your results posted and the progess you have made.