Same workout for everybody today. Advanced and intermediate trainees should push hard and move fast during each conditioning drill.

  • 5 minutes Rope Jumping or Jumping Jacks (30sec. work/30sec. rest)
  • 5 minutes Sprinting (15sec. sprint/45sec. recover)
  • 5 minutes Bear Crawls (30sec. work/30sec. rest)
    (Crawl on hands and feet.)
  • 5 minutes Crab Crawls (30sec. work/30sec. rest)
    (From a prone position, raise your body by placing your hands and feet underneath you. Now crawl using only your hands and feet.)

Animal crawls are an excellent form of conditioning drills, and the bear and crab crawls are two of the very best. These movements using most of the major muscles in the body while developing the strength, flexibility, and coordination essential for real-world, functional fitness.

Post results to Comments.


JME said...

Completed workout as rx'ed: Jump Rope x 5min, Sprint x 5min, Bear Crawl (uphill) x 5min, Crab Crawl (alternate forwards/backwards) x 5min.

davidd said...

Janet and I completed the workout as written with Jumping Jacks rather than rope and sprinting in place (knees to chest as fast as possible) rather than outside running. And the crawls were not as easy as I thought they would be! But talk about a total body workout! The crawls will strain every muscle you have, er, I have.


ttz said...

Raked the yard instead. Took 2 hours of raking, bagging, lifting, carrying.

Lori V said...

Did the jumping jacks not jump rope and ran inside in place as fast as possible.