Wednesday 6 September 2006: PU+ABS


Today we will be performing supersets of push-ups and ab exercises. To complete one superset, perform a set of push-ups followed by a set of an abdominal exercise with no rest in between. Choose exercises and rep ranges that are appropriate for your current level of strength and conditioning (e.g. Advanced: 10-25reps, Intermediate: 10-15reps, Basic: 5-10reps).
  • 5-25 Push-ups
    (e.g. Regular, Wide, Narrow, Knee, Countertop, etc.)
  • 5-25 Abs
    (e.g. Sit-ups, Crunches, Leg Levers, V-ups, etc.)

Post results to Comments.


Flashes79 said...

Enjoy your site, thanks for all the time and effort you put into it, challenging and fun workouts. Did this one this morning before heading to work.
Hindu p-ups 6 sets of 25 = 150.
Various sit-ups, v-ups, 5 sets of 25, plus 10 before time expired =135 total.

DAZ said...

Okay, we took off before the race then took off for Labor day, it was hard coming back...but:

Troy: 90 knee pushups, 90 crunches (18 sets of 5)

Andrea: 220 Bodyrows; 220 Crunches

DAZ & Sol: 160 Knee pushups 160 crunches (16 sets of 10)