Wednesday 11 October 2006: PU DROP SETS


Perform as many cycles of push-up drop sets as possible in twenty minutes. To perform a drop set of push-ups, choose three push-up variations of differing levels of difficulty. Then do a set of each variation with no rest in between, starting with the most difficult variation and ending with the least. You may rest as necessary between each drop set. Choose low reps for each set, and try to keep the reps the same for each variation that you perform. Suggested combinations are listed below.


  • Handstand or Feet Elevated Push-ups
  • Regular Push-ups
  • Knee Push-ups
  • Regular Push-ups
  • Knee Push-ups
  • Countertop Push-ups
  • Knee Push-ups
  • Countertop Push-ups
  • Countertop Push-ups (move feet closer to the counter)
Post results to Comments.

How to Max the USMC Pull-up Test


jim said...

Wow, these were rough.

I did 10 rounds total of the intermediate workout.

I did the same number of reps for each of the three exercises, and my rep counts for the 10 rounds were:

Jim M.

Ed said...

I agree with Jim, these were hard.
I did 5 rounds of the following..

Push Ups
Kneeling Push Ups
Floor Presses (laying on the floor and pushing up my upper body, the legs stay on the floor).

I did 5 reps per exercises for a total of 75 reps. Next time I'll take a longer rest between sets, I only took a minute this time and was burned up after 5 rounds.


Mark said...

Sorry guys, the cold symptoms returned with a vengeance last night. After 2 rounds of the intermediate doing 6 reps per exercise I had to give up. I´ll probably take the rest of the week off training and hope to be fit by the weekend!

Anonymous said...

6 Elevated feet on bench Push-up
6 Reg Push-up
6 knee Push-up

one set every 2 min
10 sets= 180

Anonymous said...

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