Wednesday 4 October 2006: PU + ABS


A superset is a set of two different exercises performed back to back with little or no rest in between. You may rest between supersets as necessary.

The repetitions listed are merely guidelines. You choose the number of reps that is consistent with your current level of strength and conditioning. (E.g. An advanced trainee might choose low reps of more challenging variations such as Handstand PUs and Hanging Leg Lifts, or he/she might opt for higher volume with less challenging variations such as Regular PUs and Crunches.)

Perform as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes.

  • 10-25 Push-ups
    (you choose the variation: e.g. wide, narrow, elevated, Hindu, etc.)
  • 10-25 Abs
    (you choose the exercise: e.g. sit-up, leg lever, bicycle, V-up, etc.)


  • 5-15 Push-ups
    (go to your knees as necessary)
  • 5-15 Abs
    (you choose the exercise: e.g. sit-up, crunch, leg lever, bicycle, etc.)


  • 5-10 Knee or Countertop PU
  • 5-15 Abs
    (you choose the exercise: e.g. sit-up, crunch, leg lever, bicycle, etc.)
Post results to Comments.


jim said...

15 rounds of 6 pushups / 5 crunches.

Pushups - 90
Crunches - 75

Jim M

Anonymous said...

I did eleven rounds of basic push ups and crunches. The first two rounds I did 10 reps of each. This was with minimal rest between "cycles." I then decided to drop reps to 5 for each exercise and performed them "at the top" of each minute. By the eleventh round, I had to really push to get the pushups done so I stopped there. Total reps are 65 for both exercises and total time was 12:35.


JME said...

10 rounds of:
10 Bar Dips + 10 Knee Raises on Bars = 100 reps of each

Mark said...

All in all 20 rounds:

(Normal)Push-ups - 1x10; 19x5 = 105
Sit-ups - 10x10; 10x5 = 150

Wow! That´the first time that I´ve done regular push-ups since the beginning of August when my bursitis started.
The knee push-ups must have helped maintain my strength. Hopefully I´m now getting back to full fitness!!!

davidd said...

Bad me, I took it easy tonight, er last night. I did 20 reps of each times 5 for 100 PUs and 100 crunches.

Anonymous said...

in 20 min
abs =crunch, flutters or leg lifts

2 sets= 25 reg push-ups & 25
2 sets= 20 reg push-ups & 20
2 sets= 15 reg push-ups & 15
4 sets= 10 reg push-ups & 10

reg push-ups= 160
abs= 160