Thursday 15 Nov 2007: 30/90 SPRINTS

The signature sprint workout...



  • Run 5 minutes
  • Repeat five times:
    Sprint 30 seconds
    Recover 90 seconds
  • Run 5 minutes


  • Run-walk 5 minutes
  • Repeat five times:
    Sprint 20-30 seconds
    Recover 90-100 seconds
  • Run-walk 5 minutes


  • Powerwalk 5 minutes
  • Repeat five times:
    Sprint 15-20 seconds
    Recover 100-105 seconds
  • Powerwalk 5 minutes

Post results to Comments.


Jeff said...

I admit. Just found this site yesterday and decided to do it. Since my injury I have been suffering from lack of motivation. I was going to try cross fit, but my gym is not really set up for it and there is that lack of motivation thing again even getting to the gym.

I was skeptical of this work out. I looked at it and thought whats the big deal. However I was sweating pretty good at the end and was surprised that I covered almost 4 miles at the end. Just one question. By recovery on this work out did you mean do nothing or slow walk, because I recovered with slow walk.

Just wish you had a message board. See you tomorrow.

(sorry originally posted this on wrong day.)

JME said...


Glad to have you with us.

The 30/90 Sprints look deceptively easy. As you found out, they are not. The key to every TMFS workout is each trainee's intensity. You will get out of it what you put into it. Our philosophy is based on individual output, not specific reps. This enables you to tailor each day's workout to meet your own needs. When you need to fall back and have an easier day, do it. When you need a more intense challenge, the WOD can accomodate it.

Recovery during the sprint workouts usually involves a walk. It is important to keep moving, but if you are able to do more than walk or a slow jog, you are not pushing hard enough during the sprint portions. You should sprint hard enough that you have to walk during the recovery, but not so hard that you cannot recover sufficiently to sprint again during the next interval.

If you covered almost four miles in twenty minutes, you were moving.


MRE said...

Did the advanced workout - unfortunately only on a trampoline, it did turn out quite intense though!!!!