No S Diet: The Book


We have previously written in praise of the No S Diet, a simple set of rules to encourage sensible, disciplined eating. Now Reinhard Engels, the creator of No S and several other Everyday systems we like, has written a book about the No S Diet that is available now at and (theoretically) your local bookstore.

While I haven't read the book yet, since it just became available, and I wouldn't usually recommend a book unless I had read it, judging by what I know of Reinhard and the quality of his online work, I trust this is a purchase worth making. While the No S website will remain available, having the diet explained in a hard copy format will doubtless prove convenient, inspirational, and mobile. It will also facilitate spreading word of this common sense approach to friends.

Reinhard has done a great deal of work for free. His websites offer exceptional content and support at no charge. Purchasing the No S book may be one way some of us can give back and thank him for the good work he has done. To that end, if you decide to purchase the book through Amazon, click through Reinhard's site so that he can benefit both as an author and as an Amazon affiliate.



Bernie said...

Glad to see you are back, Joel!

Kevin said...

Good to see you back Joel. Keep up the good work and thanks for putting the WOD's back up.