Monday 14 Apr 2008: SPARTAN RUN #4


Complete the following workout in twenty minutes.

  • Run - 2 minutes
  • Repeat three times (3x):
    -Pull-ups - 30 seconds
    -Squats - 30 seconds
    -Run - 2 minutes
    -Push-ups - 30 seconds
    -Sit-ups - 30 seconds
  • Run - 2 minutes


  • For Running - Run-walk, Powerwalk, Bear Crawl/Crab Crawl, Skip Rope, Jumping Jacks
  • For Pull-ups - Partial or Assisted or Jumping Pull-ups, Body Rows
  • For Squats - Half-Squats, Isometric Wall Squat
  • For Push-ups - Knee Push-ups, Dips, other push-up variations
  • For Sit-ups - Crunches, Leg Levers, Flutter Kicks, other abdominal exercise variations

Post results to Comments.


Anonymous said...

It seems that not too many people post comments here, but I think that's too bad, because this is a great site.
I do this 20 minuite FS after a brief warmup of Hindu Squats and Hindu Pushups, after running over to the park where I do my workout.
Its hot right now in So Cal, so I'm doing these in the morning.
Did the Spartan run, as prescribed, and it was challenging. I paced myself reasonably. Next time around I'd like to up my distance of runs in those two minute intervals, and up my count of calesthenics in the 30 sec intervals.
Great site. Keep em coming. I'd always wondered if there were a bodyweight-only equivalent of the Crossfit workouts, and I was pointed toward this site.

JME said...


Thanks for the kind words.

The comments are generally few and far between, but when they come they are almost always positive, and I appreciate every one.

Crossfit has been great for a lot of people. I hope that the TMFS blog can fill a role for those without the equipment, training, or interest in Crossfit and similar systems.

I'm glad you enjoyed Spartan #4. These Spartan Runs are some of my favorite WODs. I have used them for years, and I believe they are one of the most time-effective ways to improve strength and conditioning.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply. I came to your site referred by someone on the John Peterson PYTP site. I've always liked the conditioning protocol that Crossfit represents, but wanted something that a) didn't require equipment and b) didn't require going to a gym. But at the same time I was looking for something that represented the same broad spectrum of physical training and fitness conditioning. I've found it in this site, and I hope that you continue to post it for as long as possible.


Anonymous said...

I also prefer your workouts to Crossfit, though I am a Crossfit fan. I followed Crossfit WOD for awhile, but I just don't have access to all the equipment, and Crossfit seems to be moving more towards strength training than functionality (and with my genetics, heavy strength training bulks me up and out of my work clothes and makes me look like a puffy bodybuilder). Your workouts are perfect and so scalable, please keep posting them and thank you!