Tuesday 1 July 2008: ANIMAL CONDITIONING


Today's workout mimics various animal movements to facilitate cardio-strength conditioning.

  • 30/30's - 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, repeat
  • 15/45's - 15 seconds work, 45 seconds rest, repeat


  • 5 x 30/30 Tiger Prowl (3x forward, 2x backward)
    (Bend forward to walk on your hands and feet as in a Bear Crawl. Bend your arms to ninety degrees and lower your body so that it hovers 3-6 inches above the ground. Walk in this position keeping your body low.)
  • 5 x 30/30 Crab Crawl (3x forward, 2x backward)
    (Sit on the ground with your feet on the ground, knees bent, and your palms on the ground resting slightly behind your hips. Lift your pelvis so that your bodyweight is supported on your hands and feet. Walk on your hands and feet with your stomach pointed toward the sky.)
  • 5 x 30/30 Kangaroo Jumps
    (Perform a Half-Squat. From the crounched position, swing your arms and leap forward with both feet. Continue for reps.)
  • 5 x 15/45 Sprints
    (Okay, so this isn't exactly an animal movement. Pretend like you're sprinting for your life away from the Tigers, Bears, Crabs, and Kangaroos you have been imitating.)

Intermediate and Basic:

  • 5 x 30/30 Bear Crawl (3x forward, 2x backward)
  • 5 x 30/30 Crab Crawl (3x forward, 2x backward)
  • 5 x 30/30 Kangaroo Jumps
  • 5 x 15/45 Sprints

Post results to Comments.


Pete Thunder said...

Just one piece of advice: if you are going to do this outdoor, wear gloves. You wouldn´t believe the size of the glass shard that got stuck to my hand while doing this on the local municipal park. It was like an iceberg sprouting out of the palm of my hand. Finished the routine before going home and then washed hands.

JME said...

Good tip.