Tuesday 30 Dec 2008: CONDITIONING


Today's workout uses 30/30 intervals (30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, repeat for time allotted).




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Kels said...


I can't tell you how I appreciate these workouts. They are cool, challenging, and until you try them, it is hard to believe how worn out you can get in 20 minutes!

The first time I tried these circuits, I did 30 seconds of each exercise, then did 5 rounds of that, rather than 5x30 of each exercise before moving on to the next. I'm going to try your way this time and see what happens. I suspect your way is harder since you will pretty much do that exercise to fatigue before going to the next.

Thank you again for keeping up this website. It really is inspirational and makes SO much sense when there is a lot of bad and misleading fitness and nutrition information out there.

Keep up the good work. And Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

Very good workout today. I did the "one of each exercises" straight through as a circuit, and went through it five times -- not do five sets of the same exercise before moving on to the next exercise. I imagine that this WOULD change the intensity. Probably both ways are good, as they add to the "random variation" of this and Crossfit-type workouts.

I like the "20 Minute..." workouts better than Crossfit, as its based on a similar mindset, but doesn't require a gym stocked with equipment.

I really enjoy these. Keep em comin'.


JME said...


You have no idea how much comments like yours mean to me. They are the reason I continue to keep the blog current.

Demian said: "its based on a similar mindset, but doesn't require a gym stocked with equipment."

Thank you. That is what I was hoping to achieve when we started this project 2 1/2 years ago.

Thank you both for your feedback.


Anonymous said...

I started your 20-minute workouts the day after I discovered this site (can't recall the source, sorry), which was two days ago. Perfect timing for a 'resolution'. Can't wait to see what 2009 brings on your site.