Wednesday 6 May 2009: PU DROP SETS


Today we'll be applying a popular weightlifting technique to a bodyweight exercise. The concept is simple: perform a set of hard push-ups, then immediately perform a set of an easier push-up variation, then immediately perform a third set of an even easier version. This workout is tough; do not underestimate it. Keep the reps low, especially early in the session, to avoid burnout.

Complete as many drop sets as possible in twenty minutes.


  • Feet Elevated PU
  • Regular PU
  • Knee PU


  • Regular PU
  • Knee PU
  • Countertop PU


  • Knee PU
  • Countertop PU
  • Countertop PU (move feet closer to the countertop)

Post results to Comments.


Robert Troch said...

Enjoyed the post. I have applied similar methods to my own training and you are right. It can be a bear!

Try this version with chin ups.
Medium to advanced version.

Regular chin ups
Jumping chin ups (jump up into chin up to assist the movement then slowly lower down)
Assisted chins. Have a chair handy to put one or both feet on and bar low enough so legs can provide some assistance

I have some squat versions that I like too.

JME said...

You're right, there are some great ways to adapt this same approach to other BWE. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Bozeman said...

5 drops sets of 8 reps
7 drop sets of 5 reps
My triceps are pumped.