Saturday 29 August 2009: RUN FOR DISTANCE


Run for twenty minutes.

Run-walk for twenty minutes.

Powerwalk for twenty minutes.

Post results to Comments.


jmberrygirl said...

I did the run-walk for 11 minutes. Gotta start slow and build up. My dog was happy that I made it outside to do that much! =)

GMoney said...

Hi - Great site, Joel. Hope you don't mind a question from a beginner. I love the scalability of the workouts, but what is your recommendation about selecting hte proper level? I'm a distance runner looking to build GPP. Most of the "basic" level workouts are challenging enough for me right now, but a 20 minute power walk would be just a walk in the park (figuratively and literally), so today I ran hard for 20 minutes. Am I better going to the advanced workouts on the runs?

Thanks and apologies for the long post.

JME said...

jmberrygirl - Great job! The journey of a thousand miles starts...well, you know.

GMoney - Great question, but you already discovered the answer. Tailoring of the workouts must be done on a daily basis. You are a specialist, so you are definitely advanced on the running sessions (at least the distance runs).

Every trainee must adjust each day's workout to his/her ability and goals. On any given day you may fall into any one of the three broad categories, or make adjustments to create a category uniquely your own.