Monday 9 November 2009: 5BX



This circuit can be performed virtually anywhere. It requires very little room to complete. When time crunched, try performing a single circuit (10 minutes) for a quick physical and mental boost.


Complete two of the following circuits in twenty minutes.

  • 2 minutes - Sun Salutations
  • 1 minute - Squats
  • 1 minute - Push-ups
  • 1 minute - Sit-ups or Leg Raises
  • 5 minutes - Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks, or Run in Place

Modifications for Intermediate and Basic trainees

  • Perform Half-Squats instead of Squats
  • Perform Knee Push-ups instead of Push-ups
  • Perform Crunches instead of Sit-ups
  • Perform Cardio Exercise 30/30 style (30 sec. work, 30 sec. rest)

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Ashley N Karlie said...

I do circuit training 3 times a week and I enjoyed this workout. I didn't do the 2 min sun salutations; I did burpees (up/downs) instead.

Have a good one!

JME said...


I'm glad you enjoyed the circuit. Thanks for the feedback.