Wednesday 16 December 2009: PU DROP SETS



Today we'll be applying a popular weightlifting technique to a bodyweight exercise. The concept is simple: perform a set of hard push-ups, then immediately perform a set of an easier push-up variation, then immediately perform a third set of an even easier version. This workout is tough; do not underestimate it. Keep the reps low, especially early in the session, to avoid burnout.

Complete as many drop sets as possible in twenty minutes.

  • Feet Elevated PU
  • Regular PU
  • Knee PU


  • Regular PU
  • Knee PU
  • Countertop PU
  • Knee PU
  • Countertop PU
  • Countertop PU (move feet closer to the countertop)

Post results to Comments.


Weight loss Secrets said...

OK, I will try out this stuff and then I will convey you my feedback.

Anonymous said...

You're not kidding!

Went for advanced, managed to do 5 sets of 5 reps on each exercise.

Am now going for a lie-down!