Wednesday 24 March 2010: 3 POWERFUL CALS

Physical Culture Classics


Repeat the following circuit for twenty minutes.

Advanced - Intermediate:

  • Dive Bomber or Hindu Push-ups
  • Reverse or Hindu Squats
  • Atlas Push-ups
    Atlas Push-ups: Place your hands in the seats of two chairs. With your body held straight, dip yourself between the chairs. This exercise is similar to a countertop push-up, but it stretches and utilizes more of the chest muscles.


  • Yoga Push-ups
    Yoga Push-ups: Transition between Upward Facing Dog and Downward Facing Dog continously while keeping your arms straight (but not locked).
  • Countertop or Atlas Push-ups

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AB said...

another good workout, i added a 160 meter jog at the end to beef it up. i couldn't figure out the atlas push-ups so did dips instead.

Brandon Richey said...

I love dive bomber push ups! Dive bombers and one arm drills are a great way to get a hard hitting workout just by redistributing your own resistance. Lack of equipment is no excuse for not getting a great workout! Nice post.