Friday 28 May 2010: 3 POWER CALS

Physical Culture Classics


Repeat the following circuit for twenty minutes.

Advanced - Intermediate:

  • Dive Bomber or Hindu Push-ups
  • Reverse or Hindu Squats
  • Atlas Push-ups
    Atlas Push-ups: Place your hands in the seats of two chairs. With your body held straight, dip yourself between the chairs. This exercise is similar to a countertop push-up, but it stretches and utilizes more of the chest muscles.


  • Yoga Push-ups
    Yoga Push-ups: Transition between Upward Facing Dog and Downward Facing Dog continously while keeping your arms straight (but not locked).
  • Countertop or Atlas Push-ups

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Today's exercises can be found in many manuals on physical training. The above arrangement, however, was adapted from Pushing Yourself to Power by John E. Peterson. PYTP is a comprehensive collection of Dynamic Visualized Resistance and Dynamic Self Resistance exercises and includes many Isometric and Power Calisthenic exercises.


Jenefier said...

Which are the breathing exercises in Yoga that are effective for fitness ?Are there any videos available on the net?

Cristena said...

I am great admirer of Yoga.It has really help me to stay fit and healthy.But my only concern is to lose fat?So can U suggest me some of the yoga exercises that will workout for this problem?

JME said...

Google would probably turn up some useful sites. In general, focus on breathing deeper in the belly rather than higher in the chest. Inhale on expansion and/or transitional movements; exhale on contraction and/or static positions. And like Mr. Miyagi told Daniel-san, "In through nose, out the mouth."


BKon said...

I think I may be missing something here. Is it simply one Yoga Push-up one Reverse or Hindu Squat and one Countertop or Atlas Push-up and then repeat for 20 minutes?

JME said...

Perform as many reps of each exercise in the circuit as is suitable based upon your individual conditioning and goals.


F. Belt said...

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