Daily "Up and At Them" Program

The Daily "Up and At Them" Program
A friend from the New Push-ups Forum, Robert, has been using the following routine for the last month and has enjoyed great success with it. It is an excellent example of a minimalist fitness program that is simple, sustainable, and highly effective. Don't be put off by the designation minimalist. This is exactly the kind of routine most people need, not one designed for elite athletes, but a lifetime habit of physical activity. --JME
My daily program is short and sweet, and is very effective for me. I arise in the morning, do about 5 minutes of warming up, stretches, and running in place, and then do my quick routine. I do as many pushups as I can do, and whatever that amount is, I do the same number of situps and deep knee bends. I then do about 5 minutes of stretching, and then hit the road for a 3-4 mile walk. On days when I walk on level ground along The Embarcadero (the wharf), I walk 4 miles. On days when I hit the steep hills, I walk for 3 miles. If I have a lot of energy in the evening before bedtime, I will do another burst of pushups, situps, and deep knee bends, again as many as I can do, with no rest between exercises. This program does not burn me out, and leaves me very energized. I don't look at it as a workout, but as a program that will keep me fit and flexible in my Golden Years. I am 71, and this short and simple program is doing wonders for me. I highly recommend it, and give thanks to Johnny Grube for writing his very inspirational article, and to Joel for posting it.--Robert5249

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