Wednesday 21 December 2011: DIPS + CHINS

The tried and true bodybuilder...


Perform sets of Dips and Chin-ups back to back for twenty minutes. Rest between supersets as necessary (e.g. set of dips, set of chins, rest, repeat).

Options for performing dips include parallel bars, positioning the hands on the backs of two chairs, or using the corner of a countertop.

Intermediate and Basic trainees should substitute chair dips, push-ups, or knee push-ups as necessary.

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Anonymous said...

I did partial range of motions for my reps of both. For the chin-ups, I alternated between the top and bottom positions and did partial range of maybe a third of the range.

For the dips, I used my rings, positioned about half way down my rib cage and allowed my feet to touch between each rep.

The partial reps allowed me to recover and last the entire 20 minutes.