Friday 11 May 2012: PULL, PU, CRAWL


Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes.


  • A set of Pull-ups
  • 30 seconds - Bear Crawl
  • A set of Push-ups
  • 30 seconds - Crab Crawl


  • A set of Partial, Assisted, or Jumping Pull-ups
  • 20-30 seconds - Bear Crawl
  • A set of Push-ups (go to your knees if necessary)
  • 20-30 seconds - Crab Crawl


  • A set of Body Rows
  • 15-20 seconds - Bear Crawl
  • A set of Knee Push-ups
  • 15-20 seconds - Crab Crawl


Anonymous said...

Hi Joel!

I continue to come to your blog for good workout ideas. The variety is awesome to ensure a well-rounded workout routine. Thank you for continuing to post and inspire!

I found some older posts you did on the Fast-5 discussion group about 5 or so years ago. Do you still practice intermittent fasting?

I have done so for years, although I do enjoy cream(er) in my morning coffee. The 20 min workouts you suggest work great with IF. In fact, I like your idea in your F5 posts about "intermittent exercise" where you add sets of pushups, squats, etc, during the day.

Thanks again for all you do to help us all keep in shape!


Soft Tissue Injury said...

Amazing ideas you really sure helped me a lot on building my muscles. Thanks I will read your posts daily. Good work keep it up !!

Joel Ellis said...

Thanks for the kind words. As a matter of fact, I continue to practice IF 4-6 days a week, usually limiting my eating to a 1-2 hour window. I lurk on the Facebook Fast-5 group.

I also heartily endorse the No-S plan and think it is a fantastically simple and sustainable way of eating. IF simply works better with my usual schedule, history, and personal preferences.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response, Joel! I, too, am not super strict, but I love the convenience. It fits in my schedule, is easy on the food budget, and is just an enjoyable way to eat, once you get used to it.

I have actually recommended No-S to several people who did think they could handle one meal a day. Totally agree that it is a very sane way to eat and still have a normal life.

Again, thanks so much for continuing to provide a great variety of workout ideas to provide a balanced approach to fitness. Your Saturday "run for distance" posts have inspired me and got me addicted to early Sat morning runs to start my weekend off right. :-)

Take care.


Prahran Personal Trainer said...

This is a great range of exercises, no one would get bored these