Friday 3 August 2012: PULL, PU, CRAWL


Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes.
  • A set of Pull-ups
  • 30 seconds - Bear Crawl
  • A set of Push-ups
  • 30 seconds - Crab Crawl
  • A set of Partial, Assisted, or Jumping Pull-ups
  • 20-30 seconds - Bear Crawl
  • A set of Push-ups (go to your knees if necessary)
  • 20-30 seconds - Crab Crawl
  • A set of Body Rows
  • 15-20 seconds - Bear Crawl
  • A set of Knee Push-ups
  • 15-20 seconds - Crab Crawl


Michael C. said...

How many reps in a set of pull-ups/push-up do you recommend?

By the way, I got to reading your blog through Twitter, and now it's been almost 30 minutes and I'm still reading. Anyways, I wanted to tell you that I think your writing (and your blog) kicks ass.

I'm building a resources list on my rowing site, Little River Marine ( We are looking for awesome fitness and exercise blogs to list on it, and yours definitely fits the bill. Would you like to do a link-exchange? I link from my site to yours and vice-versa?

Let me know,

Mike C.

Joel Ellis said...

Number of reps will depend on each individual's conditioning and training goals. Choose a number that will challenge but not exhaust, ideally one that can be sustained throughout the 20 minute session, but could not continue much beyond it.

NICE website! It looks like you have some great products and a good business.