Friday 14 July 2006: PULL-UPS ON THE MINUTE


Today's workout follows the same pattern as Wednesday's except we will use pull-up variations instead of push-ups. Perform one set at the top of every minute for twenty minutes. Start with small sets; volume work should be built slowly. Unless you are already accustomed to high volume pull-up/body row training, do not plan to exceed 100 reps in today's workout.

2-10 Pull-ups/Chin-ups per minute x 20 minutes

2-10 Assisted Pull-ups/Chin-ups or Body Rows per minute x 20 minutes

3-5 Body Rows per minute x 20 minutes

Post results to Comments.


david d said...

Results, I averaged 3 per minutes. I wanted to go a bit slower due to soreness hanging around from the last upper budy day.

Total: 64

JME said...

75 pull-ups/chin-ups
A little disappointed, but no excuses.

davidd said...

60 for my wife

Kirstie said...

I did my body rows on Saturday afternoon after my morning run.
I did 160!!! yeah!
I'm sore and I felt washed out immediately, but now I don't feel so bad. We'll see in the morning.