Saturday 15 July 2006: RUN FOR DISTANCE


Run 20 minutes for distance

Powerwalk Hill Repeats for 20 minutes

Powerwalk for 20 minutes

Post results to Comments.


david d said...

Thanks to the technology of GPS, 1.72 miles in 20 min.

JME said...

How did GPS technology help you run 1.72 miles? I gotta get me one of those! I thought they just measured your course and recorded your times. ;)

20 min. Run for distance: 2.84 miles on TM @ 2% incline

I also ran a half mile to warm-up and a half mile to cool-down.

davidd said...

You cheated! The TM was in the AC! hahahaaha You were still cruisin' even if it was a tread mill. Thats a hair better than a 7 min/mile pace!

Kirstie said...

I did 1.82 in 20 minutes, BUT I walked the first 2 minutes. I cheated too, I was on a TM.

davidd said...

Janet did 1.2 miles PW and she didn't cheat with a TM :)