Friday 28 July 2006: DIPS + CHIN-UPS


Perform supersets of bar dips and chin-ups for twenty minutes. If you do not have parallel bars for dips, try performing them 1) On the backs of two sturdy chairs, 2) At the corner of a countertop, 3) By placing your hands on the seats of two chairs with your body facing up and your heels resting on the floor or in a third chair. Alternatively you may substitute push-ups for dips in this workout, but advanced trainees should choose a challenging push-up variation (e.g. feet elevated on a chair or on the wall or handstand push-ups).

You will not be able to perform as many chin-ups in each set as you did on Wednesday since you are supersetting them with dips/push-ups. Adjust the number of reps per set downward to compensate for the additional fatigue of the dips/push-ups. Remember, supersetting means taking no rest between exercises. In other words, perform one set of dips/push-ups then immediately a set of chin-ups, then rest.

Advanced: Dips or a Challenging Push-ups version and Chin-ups

Intermediate: Chair Dips or Push-ups and Partial or Assisted Chin-ups/Body Rows

Basic: Knee or Countertop Push-ups and Body Rows

Post results to Comments.


JME said...

Dips + Chins: 21 sets in 20 minutes
Totals: 70 Dips/65 Chins

Added 5 dips and 3 chins over the same workout four weeks ago. Feel much stronger this time around. In fact, probably should have pushed a little harder.

davidd said...

Dips and Body Rows: 22 sets in 20 minutes

Total: 110 dips / 110 Body rows

I did 5 Dips, 5 BRs back to back. The only resting was the 20 ft walk between stations, then a 20 sec or so rest every 5 sets. The Dip vatiation that I did was off the side of the bath tub with my legs straight then going down. it was a good workout especially after you do a 3.3 mile run/jog.