Monday 24 July 2006: PUSH-UPS ON THE MINUTE


Perform one set of push-ups at the top of every minute for twenty minutes. The breakdowns below are general guidelines. Do as many push-ups as you can while keeping your sets fairly consistent throughout the workout.

10-25 PU per minute x 20 minutes
(You can increase the difficulty of this workout by elevating your feet.)

5-10 PU per minute x 20 minutes

5-10 Knee or Countertop PU x 20 minutes

Post results to Comments.


JME said...

Decided to reduce reps today and increase the difficulty by wearing my 20# weight vest and using push-up handles to further activate the forearms.

5PU every minute x 10 minutes
5PU every 30 seconds x 10 minutes
Total: 150 reps

davidd said...

Here is how mine broke down:
4 Reg. PU x 30 seconds x 5 minutes
5 Knee PU x 30 sec. x 10 minutes
5 Panther PU x 30 sec. x 5 min.
Total: 190

Doing the 30 sec. intervals rather than the 60 sec. intervals helped increase volume.

Lori V said...

10 PU per minute X 20 minutes


david d said...

Janet did 10 counter pu per minute the entire 20