Monday 31 July 2006: TIMED SETS


This workout is challenging, but it is ideal preparation for the Twenty Minute PFT.

  • Max Pull-ups in 1 minute
  • Max Pull-ups in 45 seconds
  • Max Pull-ups in 30 seconds
  • Max Pull-ups in 15 seconds
  • Max Sit-ups in 1 minute
  • Max Sit-ups in 45 seconds
  • Max Sit-ups in 30 seconds
  • Max Sit-ups in 15 seconds
  • Max Push-ups in 1 minute
  • Max Push-ups in 45 seconds
  • Max Push-ups in 30 seconds
  • Max Push-ups in 15 seconds

Insert one minute of rest between each set of exercises. Intermediate and Basic trainees should substitute (as necessary) Partial Pull-ups or Assisted Pull-ups or Body Rows for Regular Pull-ups, Crunches for Sit-ups, and Knee or Countertop PU for Regular Push-ups.

Post results to Comments.


JME said...

Pull-ups: 29reps (17 Chins, 5 Narrow Chins, 3 Pulls, 4 Wide Pulls)

Sit-ups: 90reps (37, 27, 17, 9)

Push-ups: 83reps (47, 17, 10, 9)

Overall disgusted by myself. 17 chin-ups ties my previous all-time best, 47 push-ups is not my best (all-time or even recently) but it is 5 reps better than I did during the last PFT, 37 sit-ups is simply embarassing. No excuses. Timed sets are humbling. There's no time to fully recover, and by the time you get to the push-ups your arms are already shot from the pull-ups. Good practice for next week's PFT. :)

davidd said...

Um, Ouch!

Body rows: 68 (27,19,14,8)
Crunches / Situps: 98 (38,25,21,14)
Pushups: 91 (41,25,15,10 - only the first 10 were regular, the rest knee)

I then proceeded to try to play fetch with my dog, I couldn't throw his toy more than 5 ft.

Anonymous said...

Janet did:
Body Rows: 36 (12,12,7,5)
Crunches: 90 (35,26,18,11)
Counter PUs: 76 (30,21,15,10)

ttz said...

Don did:
Body Rows: 92(35,27,20,10)
Crunches: 110(36,35,27,15)
PU: 114(42,36,25,11)

Troy did:
Body Rows: 84(30,25,20,9)
Crunches: 123(48,34,28,13)
PU: 132(53,39,30,10)

Troy's form got a little sloppy at the end and he had to correct it.