Tuesday 18 July 2006: 30/30 INTERVALS


Same concept as last week: 30 seconds work alternated with 30 seconds of recovery for twenty minutes. Land lightly on the jump squats; your knees will thank you.

Advanced - Intermediate:

  • 10 minutes - Jump Squats
  • 10 minutes - Bodyweight Squats (any style)


  • 5 minutes - Jump Squats (two footed jumps over a shoe)
  • 5 minutes - Half Squats
  • 5 minutes - Jump Squats (same as above)
  • 5 minutes - Half Squats

Best wishes for getting out of bed tomorrow. These jump squats are difficult, but they stimulate the natural production of human growth hormone which results in fat burning and muscle building.

Post results to Comments.


davidd said...

Hey guys.

Janet did 75 jump squats and 100 catcher squats

I did 100 jump squats and 100 I guess you would call them sumo squats. When I went down, it was close to the horse stance. I found that this doesn't make my knees pop every time I go down.

have a great day


JME said...

WOW! Great workout David and Janet. Sorry I didn't get mine posted earlier. A minor crisis developed minutes after I completed my workout, and it kept me tied up until late.

I did 304 Squats. 105 Jump Squats (15 Standard Jumps Squats, 90 Jumps over a table) and 199 Hindu Squats in sets varying from 17-23reps.

Needless to say, my legs feel like spaghetti. :) That workout was FUN!

ttz said...

Not sure how many of each. Taught Sol how.

Lori V said...

My legs were sore 20 minutes after the workout.....lol
It took me until Thursday to be able towalk comfortably again. Felt like I was back in high school conditioning for volleyball.