Monday 14 August 2006: SPARTAN RUN


Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes.


  • 5+ Pull-ups/Chin-ups
  • 10-20 Push-ups
  • 15-25 Abs (you pick: crunch, leg lever, sit-up, etc.)
  • Run 1/4 mile


  • 5 Assisted or Partial Pull-ups or Body Rows
  • 10 Push-ups (go to your knees if necessary)
  • 15 Abs (you pick: crunch, leg lever, sit-up, etc.)
  • Run-Walk 1/4 mile


  • 5 Body Rows
  • 5 Knee Push-ups
  • 10 Abs (you pick: crunch, leg lever, sit-up, etc.)
  • Powerwalk 1/8 mile

Post results to Comments.


davidd said...

Did Intermediate as RX'ed

5 Reps in 19:36

Last time I did 4 in about the same time.

Janet did 4 of the basic

JME said...

Nice progress. I was beginning to think that today's Spartan Run had scared everyone away. :)

The bald guy said...

Maybe more Greco than Spartan:

I ran 7 before and Andrea walked 2, then:

Troy did: 13 sets of 10reps each of BRs, NPUs, Crunchs
Sol and I did 15 sets of 10 reps of the same.

Andrea did 26 sets of 10 of BRs and 13 sets of 10 of Crunches

Neil said...

Hey, found this blog recently and it's along the same lines as what I was already designing for my goals. You're doing the work for me but it's much appreciated.

Tried the advanced version of 5 pullups, 20 pushups, 25 abs, and the 1/4 mile run: 4 rounds in 18:45

The rain slowed me down. I'll aim for 5 next time around.

JME said...

Good work everyone.

Nice to have you wish us Neil.