Tuesday 22 August 2006: B-CIRCUITS


Today's workout is based on a routine created by Bryce Lane. It is challenging but highly effective for developing the strength-endurance needed for real-world, functional fitness. Complete as many circuits as possible in twenty minutes. Remember to land lightly.


  • 12 Short range Jumps
    (Short range of motion, just jump as you would for a jump test)
  • 12 Full range Squat Jumps
    (Jump from a full or three-quarter squat, a.k.a. star jump)
  • 20 Bodyweight Squats
    (E.g. Hindu, Deep Knee Bend, Sumo, etc.)


  • 6 Short range Jumps
  • 6 Medium-Full range Squat Jumps
    (Jump from a half, three-quarter, or full squat depending on your ability)
  • 10 Bodyweight Squats

Trainees that are uncomfortable with or not conditioned for jumping exercises should perform the Basic circuit, even if they have previously completed Intermediate or Advanced workouts.


  • 5 Lunges each leg
    (Step forward with hands on hips. Bend your front leg to a 90 degree angle; your rear leg should be bent with the knee close to the ground.)
  • 5 Heel Raises
    (Stand with your feet slightly apart. Rise onto the balls of your feet and flex your calves.)
  • 5 Half-Squats

Post results to Comments.


Chris said...

Great! These are killers.

Kirstie said...

9 intermediate
7 basic
needed a little support at the end. very hard.

JME said...

8 circuits of the Advanced (12r,12r, 20r).

I think this is a nice complement to the 30/30 Squat Jumps x 10min, 30/30 BW Squats x 10min workout that we do every few weeks.

Neil said...

8 circuits of Advanced in 18:12. I had time to do a ninth, but I just couldn't move my legs. Great workout. Walking will be a challenge tomorrow.

davidd said...

DD: 22 Inter

JD: 20 Basic

Mark said...

It was very early in the morning and I was still tired, but managed 22 rounds of the basic circuit!