Wednesday 23 August 2006: PU DROP SETS


Today's workout simulates an advanced weightlifting technique with push-up variations. Drop sets involve decreasing the amount of weight being lifted while continuing to crank out sets with little or no rest.

We will use a similar technique by supersetting three different push-ups variations of decreasing difficulty. To be effective, each exercise needs to push you without burning you out early in the session. Today's workout is supposed to be hard, but you should not be in a state of collapse five minutes into the workout.

Choose a rep range that will challenge you while permitting you to continue performing push-ups at the easier variations. Try to keep the number of reps the same in each superset. You may diminish the number of reps per set as the workout continues. Try to rest only between supersets (i.e. perform all three variations, then rest, then repeat). The recommended rep ranges are only guidelines. Choose the number of reps that is appropriate for your current level of strength and conditioning.

(For example: An advanced trainee might perform 15 push-ups with his feet elevated high on a wall, immediately drop into a regular push-up position and crank out 15 more reps, then drop onto his knees and crank out 15 more reps.)

Perform as many drop sets as possible in twenty minutes.

(Recommended rep range: 10-25)

  • Feet Elevated Push-ups
  • Regular Push-ups
  • Knee Push-ups

(Recommended rep range: 5-15)

  • Regular Push-ups
  • Knee Push-ups
  • Countertop Push-ups

(Recommended rep range: 5-10)

  • Knee Push-ups
  • Countertop Push-ups
  • Countertop Push-ups (move feet closer to counter)

Post results to Comments.


Kirstie said...

41 regular PU
41 knee PU
41 counter PU

5 reps of each PU in each set
last two sets were 3 reps
very hard! my arms are shaking!

Neil said...

Managed just 4 rounds of the advanced (12,10,10,10).

I had about 2:30 left, so I punished myself with some tough standing wheel rollouts to a wall, pushing the distance a little further than I could before.

JME said...

Nice job guys.

Total: 255PU
Advanced circuit (8x10r, 1x5r)

I never knew Knee PU could be so difficult. :)

davidd said...

I did the inter. at 11 rounds x (5x5x5)=165 total

Janet did the basic at 11 rounds x(5x5x5) = 165 total

Mark said...

I´m just recovering from an elbow bursitis and haven´t done proper push-ups for ages so I had to force myself to take it easy!!!
I did the inter for 5 rounds (5,5,5) and the Basic for 10 rounds (5,5,5).

the bald guy said...

Troy: 16 rounds of 5 at Basic for at total of 240.

Andrea: Did 180 Body Rows

DZ: 4 Rounds of 5 Intermediate and 12 rounds of 5 Basic for a total of 240(Don't believe I have ever done 20 regular pushups before in my life!)

Sol: Did 69, 48, 91, 105, 20, 89 (Not sure what he did but he was sure about the numbers!.. )