Sunday 17 September 2006: REST DAY



Anonymous said...

I just came across this site -- things look good and effective without any requirements of drinking magic kool-aid. Keep up the good work.


JME said...

Good?: I think so, but I suppose others are a better judge of that. I'm a bit biased. :)

Effective?: Undoubtedly. We have trainees who are leaner, stronger, and more fit than they've ever been before. Ask some of the folks who are now doing full range pull-ups, larger sets of regular push-ups, look better, feel better, have less bodyfat, and have more energy.

Magic Kool-aid?: Aahh. Well, actually that comes later. You have to participate for an entire week before we let you have any. It's Tropical Punch flavored.


Anonymous said...

I found this site by accident too. I think i'd saved myself alot of money if I had found it earlier. The workouts are really good and keeping a blog keeps you honest. In fact I didn't even want to post that I missed the friday and saturday workouts from last week due to work because it felt like I was making excuses. I'm not sure what Joel's qualifications are but he's posting really good stuff that I wish I'd found sooner.