Thursday 14 September 2006: SPRINT 8


Today's workout is based on a sprint protocol designed by Phil Campbell, author of Ready, Set GO! Synergy Fitness for Time-Crunched Adults. The sprints are progressive. The first sprint begins at a jog and climaxes at 50% of maximum effort; the second sprint goes from 40% at the beginning to 60% at the climax; the third sprint goes from 50-70%; the fourth sprint from 60-80%; the fifth sprint from 70-90%; the sixth sprint reaches 95% of maximum effort; the seventh and eighth sprints are run at 95-100% effort. If you are not accustomed to the type of sprint training we do around here, do not max out on the final three sprints - climax between 80-90% of maximum effort.

  • Run 5 minutes
  • Repeat eight times:
    Sprint 15 seconds
    Recover 1 minute
  • Run 5 minutes


  • Run-walk 5 minutes
  • Repeat six-eight times:
    Sprint 15 seconds
    Recover 60-85 seconds
  • Run-walk 5 minutes


  • Powerwalk 5 minutes
  • Repeat four-six times:
    Sprint 15 seconds
    Recover 85-120 seconds
  • Powerwalk 5 minutes

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Ready To Do Your Sprinting On Hills?


Anonymous said...

Months/Years of irregular workouts have taken their toll, particularly on my legs and knees. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness showed up today from Tuesdays interval workout. I didn't feel up to sprints so instead I did..

5 minutes walk
Jumping Jacks/Recovery (15secs/90 secs) 5 times
5 minutes walk.

Not a very intense workout frankly but I'm happy I did something. And, not surprisingly, alot of the soreness went away.


JME said...

Good job, Ed. It sounds like you made the right decision. Lots of people would have used that soreness as an excuse and done nothing (other than sitting on the couch and eating ice cream while watching soap operas). You chose to reinforce a good habit: daily exercise.

EL said...

Should I sprint before or after morning high intense arobics or should I sprint on non arobics days ?

JME said...

Why don't you try it both ways and see which works better for you?