Wednesday 13 September 2006: PU ON THE MINUTE


Perform a set of push-ups at the top of every minute for twenty minutes. Intermediate and Basic trainees should substitute Knee and Countertop PU as necessary.

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How Many Push-ups Can You Do In A Gas Chamber Without A Mask?


Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure where exactly between a beginner and an intermediate I fell so I did 5 reps of "classic" push ups every minute for a total of 100.

Has anyone found themselves overtraining following these workouts? Even the basic routines are hard!


JME said...

The intensity of each day's twenty minute workout is controlled by two factors: time and effort. In order to make the WOD accessible to a wide variety of individuals (from the fat and flabby to the ferociously fit), we have avoided specific repetition requirements and have focused on timed work and the intensity each trainee brings to the playing field every day. In other words, you won't see a WOD requiring a three mile run for time; instead, you will find daily workouts that require running (or run-walking, or powerwalking) for a certain amount of time. Some will run three miles and others will barely cover one.

Each day, YOU decide how hard you will workout. Even the most challenging workouts in our program can be scaled back to an intensity that most obese or overtrained individuals can complete. Could you overtrain on our program? Probably. But the variety is designed so that advanced trainees can run the WOD at a high intensity every day without too much risk of frying their central nervous system.

Don't confuse hard workouts with overtraining. If you find yourself battling chronic colds, not sleeping well, or experiencing fatigue and lack of passion for your workouts - maybe you are overtrained. But this program is not likely to induce such symptoms unless it is combined with another, overly-aggressive training program.

Good question, Ed. Thanks for asking. Good work on those push-ups today. It's good to have you with us.