Wednesday 6 June 2007: DIPS + CHINS

The tried and true bodybuilder...


Perform sets of Dips and Chin-ups back to back for twenty minutes. Rest between supersets as necessary (e.g. set of dips, set of chins, rest, repeat).

Options for performing dips include parallel bars, positioning the hands on the backs of two chairs, or using the corner of a countertop.

Intermediate and Basic trainees should substitute chair dips, push-ups, or knee push-ups as necessary.

Post results to Comments.


J.P. said...

40 chin-ups and 61 dips. Finished off with 5min of jump rope.

taylor said...

55 dips
40 pullups

Topped off with 50 stability ball ab crunches and 10 hanging leg raises.

Weighed today -- cut five pounds since February with the TMFS thing. 162 down from 167. Cool.