Monday 26 Nov 2007: 30/90 CALS+CARDIO


Perform five of the following circuits in twenty minutes.

  • 30 seconds - A set of Push-ups
  • 90 seconds - Cardio
  • 30 seconds - A set of Pull-ups
  • 90 seconds - Cardio

The sets of push-ups and pull-ups do not have to last the entire thirty seconds allotted for them. Simply perform a set based on your current ability, allowing adequate time to transition back to the cardio movement of your choice.

Cardio Suggestions:

  • Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks or Squats
  • Burpees or Squat Thrusts
  • Running or Powerwalking
  • Dumbbell/Kettlebell/Sand-jug Swings
  • Heavy Bag Punching or Shadowboxing

Substitutions for Intermediate and Basic:

  • Push-ups - Knee Push-ups
  • Pull-ups - Partial, Assisted, or Jumping Pull-ups or BodyRows

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1 comment:

MRE said...

Push-ups 10
Trampoline running 90secs
DVR Pull-ups 5
Trampoline running 90secs

5 rounds in 20 mins

Enjoyed this one, completed itin almost a trance like state and was amazed at the end to see I´d done 50 push-ups, almost without noticing!!!