Wednesday 7 Nov 2007: 10x10 SPRINTS

10 x 10 SPRINTS

Same workout for everyone today. Adjust the intensity of each sprint interval according to your individual ability. You should be out of breath after each sprint interval, but you should recover quickly enough to begin the next assigned sprint.

  • 5 minutes - Cardio Activity
    (E.g. Run, Run-in-place, Jumping Jacks, Skip Rope, Bear or Crab Crawl)
    Pick an exercise that raises your heartrate and can be sustained for five minutes. This is a general warm-up, not a sprint. If you are out of breath, you are pushing too hard.
  • Repeat 10x:
    10 seconds - Sprint
    50 seconds - Jog/Walk to recover
  • 5 minutes - Cardio Activity

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MRE said...

I train at 5.30am so although these were done as px it was only on a small trampoline and not outdoors.
BTW I was Anon yesterday - forgot to type my name in!!!!