Friday 18 Apr 2008: TRIPLE-UPs


Perform as many supersets of pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups as possible in twenty minutes.

A superset is done by performing one set of each exercise back to back to back with little or no rest in between. Choose a number of reps that is well below your max to prevent early burnout during the training session. The training effect today will come from the overall volume of exercise combined with short rest periods, not max effort sets. Rest between supersets as necessary.

Intermediate and Basic trainees should substitute assisted, partial, or jumping pull-ups, body rows, crunches, and knee push-ups as necessary.

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Anonymous said...

Could you give us an idea of how to tell if we're advanced, intermediate, or beginner?

Thank you.

JME said...


Generally Basic trainees cannot perform a pull-up/chin-up, standard push-up (or not more than 1-2), and have little endurance. Intermediate trainees might be able to do a pull-up or two but cannot continue to do sets and exhaust fairly quickly on push-ups, running, and calisthenics. Advanced trainees can perform all of the specified movements for repeated sets and moderate to high reps.

That said...

You may find that you are at a basic level on some workouts but at an intermediate or even (though less likely) advanced level for other workouts. You may be able to do push-ups on the minute for hours but you give out after two sets of burpees. You have to make adjustments each day to get the most from your training.

I recommend people start at lower reps and intensity than they think (know) they can handle and gradually ratchet things up. It is easier (on the body and the ego) to increase the intensity than it is to be forced to decrease the intensity after being smoked in the first five minutes.