Tuesday 29 Apr 2008: J-SQ + BW-SQ #2


Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes.

Advanced - Intermediate:

  • A set of Squat Jumps
    (e.g. Box Jumps, Hurdle Jumps, Star Jumps, Half-Squat Jumps, etc.)
  • A set of Bodyweight Squats
    (e.g. Deep Knee Bends, Half Squats, Hindu Squats, Sumo Squats, Pistols, etc.)

If you are unaccustomed to plyometric training, perform the Basic WOD.


  • A set of Half Squats
  • A set of Lunges
  • A set of Calf Raises
  • A set of Jumping Jacks

Post results to Comments.


R. Logue said...

Hello, thanks for the site I have just started doing the workouts and they are helping me to mix it up every day. I have been exercising for a number of years and I have a good level of fitness. I am just wondering if you have time could you tell me what Box Jumps, hurdle Jumps, Half-Squat Jumps,Sumo Squats and Pistols
are. I could have down them before its just I don't recogonise the names. Thanks.

Pete Thunder said...


JME said...

Pete gave you a good link.

Here is another:


Box Jumps: Jump up onto a box/platform, step down, repeat

Hurdle Jumps: From a standing position jump over a hurdle, repeat

Half-Squt Jump: Squat halfway down, then jump up explosively, repeat

Sumo Squats: http://ironsports.tv/in_shape.htm

Pistols: Single leg squats


R.Logue said...

Thanks for the info guys, those links are what I needed

Mark said...

Couldn´t face squat jumps after the burpees yesterday, so did:

Calf raises - 10 reps
Lunge - 10 reps
Half squat - 10 reps
Jumping jacks - 30 seconds

9 rounds in 20 minutes

finished off with a back bridge for 75 seconds