Sunday 13 July 2008: REST DAY



John10e said...


I was thinking about starting a running program 3 days a week. Do you have any suggestions on how to work it in with your 20 min solution? I’m worried because the days we do lunges and squats will burn out my legs for running and if I hold off and run the next day the legs don’t get the time to recover.

I could split my workouts. Do the 20 min solution in the mornings and try running in the afternoon? Keeping my slow running program in line with your sprints and leg work on the same day?

My upper body strength is pretty good, I just need to get something going with dropping weight and getting some running legs going. Working on sprint day, I need to walk, can’t hack jogging to recover.

Thanks for the help

JME said...

Try running on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays as a complement to the TMFS WODs. The exception would be on the occasional Monday Spartan Runs (substitute for Tuesday's run).

An AM/PM split would work well on Tuesdays, or plan to run for 10-15 minutes after your blog workout. Many of the Tuesday conditioning drills can be shortened to 10-15 minutes to keep your total workout time (including running) manageable.

Thursdays wouldn't need to be modified. Run the sprints as described; walk to recover as necessary. You can alway tack on an extra 5-10 minutes of jogging at the end, but be careful of overdoing it. The sprints should leave you pretty well smoked.

Saturdays give you lots of options. Try increasing your distance over the 20 minute run by running faster. On alternate weeks add 2-5 minutes to the total length of the run at an easier pace. (But don't try to run faster and farther on the same week.) You can also run hill repeats (run up, walk/jog down), but mostly keep Saturdays at an easier, steady pace.


JME said...

BTW - Re: Dropping weight

Decreasing bodyfat is 80% diet for most people, sometimes more. Exercise is important, but you can't outrun a lousy diet.

You may already have a handle on this. Just an observation.


John10e said...

Thanks Joel,

I know diet is big! My wife and I are working on it. I was down to 240 from 300 at one point. But I do like to eat.

I’ll be doing the following: (I follow the workouts one day behind)

Mon- the 20MFS from Sat (20 min run)
Tues- the 20MFS from Mon
Wed- the 20 MFS from Tue (plus run)
Thurs –the 20MFS from Wed
Fri – the 20MFS from Thursday (plus run)
Sat – the 20MFS from Fri
Sun- off

JME said...


Thanks schedule looks good. Keep up the good work.