Tuesday 8 July 2008: CONDITIONING


Complete as many circuits as possible in twenty minutes.


  • 30 seconds - Walking Lunges
  • A set of Burpees
  • Bear Crawl back to start(Or 30 sec. crawl)

Intermediate - Basic:

  • 20-30 seconds - Walking Lunges
  • A set of Squat Thrusts
  • Bear Crawl back to start(Or 20-30 sec. crawl)

Post results to Comments.


Anonymous said...

When you say a set of burpees, do you mean a set number(10,20,30) which ever we want to do or do you burpee for 30sec and move on?
Nate in Canada

JME said...

You pick whichever you want to do it. The way this WOD is written, it is a predetermined number of reps rather than a prescribed time, but either variation will work.

We try to make the WOD flexible, so you have some options in how to apply it to your specific situation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Joel
I did 30/30/30 and it kicked my ass :)

John10e said...

8 rounds of

30 seconds - Walking Lunges
3 Burpees (10 sec)
20 seconds - Bear Crawl back to start

60 sec work 90 sec rest

thought the 90 sec rest would make things easy. nope, hard workout1