Wednesday 9 July 2008: PU OTM


Perform a set of push-ups at the top of every minute for twenty minutes.

Intermediate and Basic trainees should substitute knee push-ups as necessary.

Post results to Comments.


jts said...

first 10 minutes/sets were of 8 straight push-ups, total of 80

next 5 were of 4 straight push-ups, totaling 100

last 5 were of 8 knee push-ups

100 normal push-ups
40 knee push-ups

i anticipate some soreness tomorrow.

JME said...

I like this workout. Simple, but flexible and effective.


John10e said...

reg. up
20x 10 =200

Was still feeling monday's max push-ups

Anonymous said...

Sets of 12 push-ups (except for 1 hand push-up 6 each)
5 pushup circuit done 4 times on the minute

1 Regular Push-ups
2 Close hand Push-ups
3 1 arm Push-up
4 Wall assisted Handstand Push-up
5 Divebomber Push-ups

60 each set
Total 240
Arms felt like Jello afterwards
Nate in Canada

JME said...

Great idea, Nate. Thanks for sharing it.