Tue-Sat 7-11 Oct 2008: WEEK OF WODs


Tuesday 7 Oct 2008: SPRINT - JUMP

Wednesday 8 Oct 2008: DIPS + CHINS

Thursday 9 Oct 2008: CRAWL...SPRINT #2

Friday 10 Oct 2008: PULL, PU, CRAWL

Saturday 11 Oct 2008: RUN FOR DISTANCE

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Kels said...

Hi Joel,

I love your workouts and alternate them with Shovelglove and my own made-up interval workouts. I've seen a huge difference in my muscle tone, strength, and everyday abilities, like climbing 5 flights of stairs without getting winded.

Question on the workouts that involve crawls. I love the exercise, but don't quite know the best place to do them. In a grassy area? I don't live near any sports field, so out of the way grassy areas (i.e. not a lawn where people would think I was nuts!) are hard to come by. Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks again for your dedication in sharing great workouts, advice, and motivation for free!


JME said...


Thanks for your kind words. It's comments like yours that encourage me to continue the blog when I've considered shutting it down. I'm glad the program has been useful to you.

I've done crawls at parks, in my backyard, and even in my house. A hallway, flight of stairs (going up; I do not recommed crawling down), or doing circles in a den or living room can all be substituted for outdoor crawls. You can also work out a 2-4 step crawl backwards and forwards that can be performed even in a hotel room. Also consider using mountain climbers and/or squat thrusts in place of crawling for a similar training effect.

I hope some of that helps. Keep up the good work.