Wednesday 7 Jan 2009: PU DROP SETS


Today we'll be applying a popular weightlifting technique to a bodyweight exercise. The concept is simple: perform a set of hard push-ups, then immediately perform a set of an easier push-up variation, then immediately perform a third set of an even easier version. This workout is tough; do not underestimate it. Keep the reps low, especially early in the session, to avoid burnout.

Complete as many drop sets as possible in twenty minutes.

  • Feet Elevated PU
  • Regular PU
  • Knee PU


  • Regular PU
  • Knee PU
  • Countertop PU
  • Knee PU
  • Countertop PU
  • Countertop PU (move feet closer to the countertop)

Post results to Comments.


Willilam said...

Couldn't complete the whole set of advanced so I did 115 PU, 100 Situps, and 100 body weight squats. Advanced didn't seem that hard when I started:)

Willilam said...

Oh, I also did my 7 PU for the challenge.

Brandon said...

A deceptively difficult WOD. Started off thinking I would do the advanced set with 5 pushups apiece. I quickly dropped to 3 pushups a piece, and eventually down to the Intermediate WOD at 3 pushups a piece.

Woke up this morning to some sore arms! Luckily it's only day 8 of the pushup challenge...

William said...

Are drop sets like 10 pu, 9pu, 8pu, etc.? That is what I was tried and after the first set of 10 ea of the adv set I knew that I wasn't gonna be able to finish that so I just did 5 ea of the adv set for the 20 minutes. So I got in 10 sets of 5 ea. And also threw in the squats and sit ups.

JME said...


What you're describing are descending sets or reverse ladders. Drop sets are a little different.

This workout uses three different types of push-ups of decreasing difficulty. Do one set of each back to back to back, without resting between. Use the same reps for each set. The decreasing difficulty of each exercise helps off-set the increasing fatigue.

For example: Do 5 Feet Elevated PU, then immediately do 5 Regular PU, then immediately do 5 Knee PU. Then rest and repeat.

I hope that helps.