Tuesday 1 September 2009: J-SQ + BW-SQ #2


Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes.

Advanced - Intermediate:
  • A set of Squat Jumps
    (e.g. Box Jumps, Hurdle Jumps, Star Jumps, Half-Squat Jumps, etc.)
  • A set of Bodyweight Squats
    (e.g. Deep Knee Bends, Half Squats, Hindu Squats, Sumo Squats, Pistols, etc.)

If you are unaccustomed to plyometric training, perform the Basic WOD.


  • A set of Half Squats
  • A set of Lunges
  • A set of Calf Raises
  • A set of Jumping Jacks

Post results to Comments. 


JMorgan said...

I'm a bit new to this, so I'm afraid I'm not caught up on all the fitness jargon. What exactly is a set?

JME said...

A set is the continuous performance of a specific exercise for a specific number of repetitions. For example, 10 sets of 10 Squats would be performing 10 Squats ten times with breaks between each "set" of 10.

You determine the number of reps in each set. Some trainees will be able to do more than others. Tailor the workout to whatever level your ability and goals permit/require.