Monday 31 August 2009: 30/30 CALS CIRCUITS


Complete 5 rounds of the following circuit in twenty minutes.

30/30 = 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest

  • 30/30 Pull-ups
  • 30/30 Sit-ups
  • 30/30 Push-ups
  • 30/30 Squats


  • 30/30 Partial, Assisted, or Jumping Pull-ups
  • 30/30 Sit-ups or Crunches
  • 30/30 Push-ups (go to your knees if necessary)
  • 30/30 Squats


  • 30/30 Body Rows
  • 30/30 Crunches
  • 30/30 Knee Push-ups
  • 30/30 Half- Squats

Post results to Comments. 


Anonymous said...

Another great circuit mate, Thanks again. Quick question though, if you have the time of course, is there another body weight exercise that I can use to replace the body rows/Pull-ups? There is nothing I can really use in the area that I am training in. Sorry if it is covered somewhere else on the blog.

Best regards mate!!

JME said...

Your best bet is probably body rows. Lay a bar/strong broomstick across two chairs and lay underneath, or attach a towel inside a door and lean back. You can also use a railing or lay under a table to accomplish the same thing.

Here is a link to give you some ideas:

Another substitute involves laying on the floor and pulling yourself across the room using just the friction from your palms and forearms. I learned this variation in judo class where pull-up bar were not available.

You can also perform pull-ups using dynamic, muscular contractions in combination with visualized resistance.

If none of these are possible, simply sub another exercise entirely for the pull-ups and perform those on days you can visit a playground or have a tree branch handy.

Hope that helps.