Wednesday 7 October 2009: PU OTM


Perform a set of push-ups at the top of every minute for twenty minutes.

Intermediate and Basic trainees should substitute Knee Push-ups as necessary.

Post results to Comments.

Check out Coach Ron's Push-ups page for ideas on advanced variations.


Anonymous said...

when you say to do a "set" of push ups, or any exercise for that matter, how many are you talking?
Thx in advance.

JME said...

You decide. Read the article "What is the Daily Fitness Solution?" linked on the right sidebar.

How many is in a set will depend on your conditioning, immediate goals, long-term objectives, and many other factors. The program is designed to provide a template. You provide the personal information to make each day's workout suitable for your needs.


Anonymous said...

Great thanks Joel! I like this blog