Friday 4 August 2006: PULL-UP LADDERS + PU


For today's workout you will alternate sets of pull-ups or body rows with sets of push-ups. Your pull-ups/body rows will progress in ladder fashion beginning with one rep and adding an additional rep with each set; unlike pyramid training, you will not reverse your sets at the end of the workout. Instead, perform sets of pull-ups/body rows adding one rep to each set until you fail to complete a set. Then start again at one and continue building ladders until time expires (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 4...1, 2, 3, 4, 4...1, 2, 3, etc.). Perform a set of 5-10 push-ups between each set of pull-ups/body rows. See how many reps you can perform this way in twenty minutes.

Advanced: Pull-up/Chin-up Ladders + 10 PU

Intermediate: Body Row Ladders + 5-10 PU or Knee PU

Basic: Body Row Ladders + Knee or Countertop PU

Post results to Comments.


Kirstie said...

1-13BR=91 reps
13X5PU=65 reps
did not miss a set!
Thanks Joel!! I can now do a chin-up and a few regular pushups.
PU today were on the knees except the last two sets

JME said...

Pull-ups/Chin-ups: 62reps
Push-ups: 170reps

davidd said...

I went 1-10 in 12 min with 5 reg pushups between each BR set. Been kinda sick, so I had to stop there.

ttz said...

Troy, Sol, Don: 1-20 br's =210
5 pu's =100
5 crunches=100 (Don's alteration)