Friday 20 October 2006: BURPEE--PULL-UP CHALLENGE


Today's workout involves back to back ten minute challenges. Perform as many burpees as possible in ten minutes, then perform as many pull-ups as possible in ten minutes.

Break up the sets any way you like. Some options include:
  • 30/30 or 30/60 intervals
  • One set every 60-120 seconds
  • Sets of 75% of max reps with whatever rest is necessary and then repeat
Go here for instructions on performing Burpees and Squat Thrusts.

  • Max Burpees in ten minutes
  • Max Pull-ups in ten minutes
  • Max Squat Thrusts in ten minutes
  • Max Partial, Assisted, or Jumping Pull-ups in ten minutes
  • Max Jumping Jacks in ten minutes
  • Max Body Rows in ten minutes
Post results to Comments.


Ed said...

Maybe it's because it's friday or because the Cardinals are going to the World Series but I felt so good today I did a little extra..

JumpRope..30/30 for 5 Minutes
Push Ups...10 reps every minute for 5 minutes.
Squat Thrust..5 reps every minute.
Body Rows...3 reps every 5 minutes.

I could have done more Squat Thrusts but I started with low reps as I've never done them.


Ed said...

oops, that should say 3 body rows every minute.