Thursday 19 October 2006: 30/90 SPRINTS

The terrific, the terrifying...

Today's sprints may be run with progressive intensity. For example, climax the first sprint at 70% of max effort, the second sprint at 80% of max, the third sprint at 90% of max, and the fourth and fifth sprints at 100% effort.

  • Run 5 minutes
  • Repeat five times:
    Sprint 30 seconds
    Recover 90 seconds
  • Run 5 minutes


  • Run-walk 5 minutes
  • Repeat five times:
    Sprint 20-30 seconds
    Recover 90-100 seconds
  • Run-walk 5 minutes


  • Powerwalk 5 minutes
  • Repeat five times:
    Sprint 15 seconds
    Recover 105 seconds
  • Powerwalk 5 minutes

Post results to Comments.


Ed said...

I got stuck at work so I made the best of the little gym we have there.
5 Minutes Stationary Bike
10 cycles of 30/30 Jump Rope
5 Minutes Walking on the Treadmill.


Mark said...

There must be something in the air Ed!!!!
I also got stuck with work and family commitments and couldn´t train at all.

JME said...

Make that three. Work has been very busy lately, and responsibilities kept me tied up all day Thursday. It was also raining here all day, but I could have done an indoor substitute routine (as Ed did) if I had made the time.


John10e said...

5 min run
5 repeats of 30 sec sprint 90 sec run
walked hills for cool down.