Wednesday 18 October 2006: PU OTM


Perform a set of push-ups at the top of every minute for twenty minutes.

You decide whether to shoot for high volume with an easier push-up variation or low rep strength work with a more challenging variation (e.g. Wall PU or HSPU). Keep the reps in each set well below maximum to prevent burnout. Remember, you will have to perform twenty sets. Stay away from muscle failure in this workout.

Intermediate and Basic trainees should substitute Knee PU or Countertop PU as necessary.

Post results to Comments.


Ed said...

6 at the top of every minute for a total of 120. Last time I did 5-rep-sets so I improved by 20 pushups overall, i'm pleased with that.


Kirstie said...

19 sets of 5 Regular PU
1 set of 10 Regular PU
Total = 105reps

JME said...

Kirstie and Ed,

Great work! You're both making good progress. Keep it up.


Mark said...

Did six at the top of every minute too - making a pleasing total of 120!!!
Afterwards though, my elbow was giving me some stick, hope it´s not the bursitis coming back.

John10e said...

21 sets:
1 Hindu push-up
5 feet inclined push-ups

Inclined= 105