Tuesday 17 October 2006: JUMP SQU, BW SQU #2


Alternate sets of jump squats and bodyweight squats for twenty minutes. Choose exercise variations and reps that are suitable to your level of strength and conditioning. Suggestions are listed below.

  • 5-15 Full Range Jump Squats, Box Jumps, or Hurdle Jumps
  • 15-25 Full Range Squats, Hindu Squats, or Sumo Squats
  • 5-10 Short-Full Range Jump Squats or Box Jumps
  • 10-20 Short-Full Range Squats, Hindu Squats, or Sumo Squats
If you are unaccustomed to plyometric training (i.e. jump squats), are severely overweight, or have joint issues that make jump training inadvisable, perform the Basic WOD.

Complete as many rounds of the following as possible in twenty minutes.
  • 5-10 Half Squats
  • 5-10 Lunges
  • 5-10 Calf Raises
  • 10-20 Jumping Jacks
Post results to Comments.

Half-Squat - Touch elbows to knees


Ed said...

My knees weren't up to lunges today so I did 30/30 intervals instead.

*JumpRope..30/30 for 5 minutes.
*Half Squats...30/30 for 5 minutes. I did a total of 66.
*Jumping Jacks..30/30 for 5 minutes. I did a total of 175.
*WallSquats...you know, sitting in a squat supported by a wall. I wanted to do 5 sets of these but only managed 2 before my legs had enough.


JME said...

11 rounds of:
5x 33" Hurdle Jumps
20x Full Squats

Totals: 55 Hurdle Jumps, 220 BW Squats

(I hit the bar and knocked it down on rep #54. I reset the bar, redid rep #54, and completed rep #55. I'm a little surprised I didn't hit the bar until the very end.)

Troy did the workout with me this afternoon. He did ten rounds of:
5x Short Jumps
10x Half Squats

(Troy started the workout by doing box jumps onto the side of a 10" high tractor trailer tire. He later switched to jumping over a low bar ~3 inches due to some soreness.)

After today's blog workout, we completed our conditioning by doing 20 minutes of:

5x30/30 Pound Tire w/ Sledge (vertical)
5x30/30 Bear Crawl
5x30/30 Pound Tire w/ Sledge (horizontal)
5x30/30 Crab Crawl


Kirstie said...

13 rounds of:
5x Squat Jumps
10x Half Squats

Totals: 65 Squat Jumps, 130 Half-Squats

Mark said...

John10e - thanks for the encouragement!!!!
Feeling a little better everyday now. But wasn´t up to jumping, it was too late to jump around the house anyway. Did:

Lunges 10
Heel raise 10
Half squat 10

13 rounds in 20:20 minutes